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IoT identity management system based on blockchain smart contracts.[In Application,patent for invention]

Parking charging system based on blockchain.[In Application,patent for invention]

Secure Decentralized Machine Identifiers for Internet of Things.

The digital identities of Internet of Things (IoT) devices are vital to the security of IoT system. However, current centralized identity management systems have many drawbacks

A remote fire control device.[utility model patent]

ZL 201620170033.5

Infrared remote control two-wheel self-balancing car design.

In recent years, the study on the self-balancing car with two wheels is developing rapidly.The design takes MSP430F149 as the core processor, adopting MPU6050 chip to measure the value of the angle and angular acceleration

Real-time monitoring and alarm device for baby temperature.[utility model patent]

ZL 201420847908.1